Soul Mates & Karmic Relationships

Today I’d like to say something about soul mates and karmic relationships (which are similar and overlapping concepts – but also different). There are of

Eye Contact and Attachment Styles

I did a really interesting exercise tonight as part of my Somatic Attachment Therapy course online with The Embody Lab and Dr Diane Poole Heller.

Reaching the Sea

Five years ago I took the rather bold step of leaving my marriage and choosing to live independently in a foreign country where I didn’t

Black Panther Dream

I had a dream, last Thursday night, that I was attacked by a black panther. It looked like the one in the picture (sans wings).

An Honest Love Letter to Virgo

Not everyone born from 23rd August to 22nd September (when the sun is in Virgo) is likely to be “the same”. But there are certain

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