Somatic Therapy

I am still in the process of completing my certificate in Somatic Attachment Therapy. I will finish the qualification this summer and I plan to start offering Somatic Therapy sessions from September 2023.

Psychological Astrology​

services available anywhere in the world

Natal Chart reading

You will receive a detailed written document, probably from 10 – 15 pages long (or an audio or video recording of me talking through your chart if that suits you better), which analyses your birth chart in depth and provides guidance on what are your main focuses for growth and evolution in this life, what could be an ideal career path for you, unresolved trauma that may need to be addressed  – and much more. And, if there is anything specific you’d like me to concentrate on, then I’ll be happy to do that too.

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70 EUR

Astrological Compatibility Reading

You will receive a detailed written document, probably from 10 – 15 pages long (or an audio or video recording of me talking through your chart if that suits you better), which analyses the way that you and the other person’s birth charts interact with each other. This is called Synastry and is a method for analyzing the energies two people exert on each other and where there is harmony and cooperation, and in what areas there could be misunderstanding and tension.

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80 EUR

Advanced Astrological Compatibility Reading

This reading contains everything that the Astrological Compatibility Reading above contains (Synastry analysis) but it also contains an analysis of the couple’s Composite chart. The Composite is an entirely new chart, generated by combining the birth details of both people to create a third entity – the relationship itself. If you are interested in a serious, stable, long-term future with someone (as a romantic partner or even as business partner), it’s important to look at the Composite, because it shows how much potential you have to truly build something together and where you can focus your energies in order to be successful. So this reading tells you not only about the level of compatibility you share with the other person, but also to what extent there is support for a serious future and – if so – what kind of future you can expect to have together.

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100 EUR

Upcoming Transits Reading

This reading will take the form of a chart with timelines on it (with written explanations below each timeline). The chart will show you on which days and months (during the coming months or year) you will experience certain planetary effects. Using your birth details and an ephemeris (a document tracking the exact positions of the planets) I will pinpoint exactly how current and upcoming planetary movements are likely to impact your mood, health and general quality of life – plus tell you what areas of life you would do best to focus on at this time. If you have a funny feeling that there is something particularly meaningful, distressing, difficult or unusual going on in your life right now, this reading will likely make it clear to you what energies are causing this feeling and how best to work with those energies.

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50 EUR

Note: Three of the documents described above are likely to be of a similar length, but the prices are different. Why? The depth of study which I must employ in these 3 cases is significantly different – and so is the difficulty level of the questions I am trying to answer through my analysis. I might be able to put together a really good natal chart analysis (of one chart) over the course of one working day, but to put together one of the compatibility readings (which involve analyzing 3 or 4 separate charts) can actually take me days. When I look at the amount of hours I have to put in to do this work and then work out what I get paid per hour, it’s not much at all. It’s a labour of love.


some services available anywhere in the world

In-person Reiki session

An in-person session will last approximately one hour and will include a brief discussion about what you would like to get out of the session, clearing and balancing of your chakras and aura, and then the Reiki treatment.

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35 EUR

Distance Reiki session

A distance Reiki session can be done with a client anywhere in the world. I will need the client’s name, date of birth and maybe also the address where they will be at the time of the session. The session will be approximately 45 minutes long and the client can send me any necessary information about what they would like to get out of the session in writing beforehand.

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30 EUR