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Louise Kocianová PhD.

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Somatic Therapy

A combination of talk & physical therapy to release stress, tension and trauma we carry in our nervous systems. Somatics teaches you to regulate your own system, and to develop closer & healthier bonds with others.

Psychological Astrology

Using your natal chart, we’ll explore the main aspects of your psyche in relation to how you see yourself and the world, your relationships, career, childhood experiences & more, depending on your needs.


Gentle energy healing focused on stimulating the body’s own healing abilities by balancing & cleansing its energetic field. A wonderful alternative therapy for both emotional & physical pain and imbalance.

About Me

I’m a British woman living permanently in Slovakia, and I am passionate about improving the health and happiness of others with the help of the varied skills that I have…  

Latest Blog Posts

Eye Contact and Attachment Styles

I did a really interesting exercise tonight as part of my Somatic Attachment Therapy course online with The Embody Lab and Dr Diane Poole Heller.

Reaching the Sea

Five years ago I took the rather bold step of leaving my marriage and choosing to live independently in a foreign country where I didn’t

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Address: Sládkovičova 2068/8
921 01 Piešťany

Email: louise­@bodymindsoul­.sk
Telephone: +421 948 428 848

Please get in touch to find out more or to directly request a therapy session or astrological reading.